What kind of documents do I have to bring with me to pick up the Horsebox ?

When picking up the horsebox you hired on Renteo, make sure you bring the following documents with you :
- An Identity proof of the person who made the online booking (2 utility bills or Bank statements dated within last 3 months)
- Your driving and additional drivers licence
- Your credit card for guarantee
- Confirmation of licence details from the DVLA website 
Plan for 20 minutes for departure check-up and documents verification.

Do I have to provide a specific insurance ?

All the vehicles on Renteo have specific rental insurance. You do not need to supply your own insurance.
May I come the day before to pick up the horsebox or return it the next morning ?
Daily hire is up to 24 hours.
If you book your horsebox from 6pm on one day, then you can bring it back at 6pm the next day for a price of 1 day. On the same way, if you pick up the horsebox in the morning at 9am then you can bring it back the next morning.
But if you wish to pick up the horsebox the day before and bring it back the day after, then you will have to pay for 2 days.

I wish to book a day when my agent is closed, what can I do ?

It is possible to book a day even if the agent is closed. In this situation you will have to pick up the horsebox the day before at closure time and bring it back the day after at the opening. No extra charge will be made for you in this specific situation.
Be careful, if the day before and/or the day after is also closed then you may have to pay for an extra day.

Do I have to fill the fuel tank before returning the vehicle ?

Make sure you have enough time to clean the vehicle and fill the gas tank before returning. If not, your agent may charge you with a full cleaning and fuel tank.

How do I protect my horse for the transport ?

We advise you to protect your horse with specific travelling boots in order to avoid injuries.

I wish to cancel my booking ? How do I proceed ?

If you want to cancel your booking, you have to contact your agent (with the phone number or email your received in your booking confirmation), he will cancel the booking and make the refund according to the cancellation conditions.

I have a problem with the horsebox during my rent, who do I call ?

If a problem occurs during your rental with the horsebox, we advise you to call directly your agent for information. His contact is on the rental contract and the booking confirmation email.

I have a problem while booking online, who do I call ?

During online booking, if you need more information or if a problem occurs, you can contact us by email with the contact form or you can call us at 0033 (0)638576154. We will answer you shortly.
If your question is about the vehicle then we advise you to contact the agent directly.

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